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Switch Development Kits Speed Prototype Designs

Three types of SMARTSWITCH switch development kits allow designers to program text, draw graphics and experiment with different design concepts during prototyping. Development kit IS-Dev Kit-1 consists of a programmable LCD display module and two PC-board mounted tact-style switches for designers to select and display graphics. IS-Dev Kit-2 comes with two LCD-programmable pushbutton switches. Both come on a PC board with flash memory, power and programming connections. IS-Dev Kit-3 is a panel display unit with two LCD pushbuttons and an LCD display. After a program is created, it can be downloaded into the development kit, allowing it to be tested using the actual pushbuttons and displays. Sockets on the PC boards permit the pushbuttons and displays to be interchanged for design testing. Choices include various LCD combinations, LED backlighting colors and intensity. Online design tools are available to program and test text, graphics and functionality of the switches. The PC board measures 3.04" x 1.18". Power rating is 150 mA at 9V. NKK SWITCHES, Scottsdale, AZ. (480) 991-0942.


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