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Switch Endures Soldering And Washing Without Problems

A low-profile socket for the IS Series Smart Switch allows for rigorous automated soldering and washing. Once soldering is complete, the switch can be plugged in and, since it is not subjected to the rigors and heat of automated assembly, its reliability and functionality are not compromised. With the new socket installed onto the PC board, replacement in the field is said to be done easily and quickly. The sockets are designed to work with the high-density, side-by-side panel or PCB mounting of Smart Switches. The IS Series boasts a high-visibility liquid crystal display and is suitable for use in numerous industries. The display can be programmed to show graphics and alphanumeric characters, as well as animation sequences that prompt operators through a series of actions. The switch's red, amber or green lighting can be set to flash, indicating the need for immediate action.


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