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Switch Fabric Backplanes Meet VITA Standards

A new VXS switch fabric backplane has been designed to meet the latest VITA standards. The VITA 41.x VXS backplane provides two VITA 41.x fabric slots and up to 18 VITA 41.x payload slots with 4x links to two switch slots. This product is said to achieve high performance with the VMEbus tested to 320 MB/s per VITA 1.5 2eSST. The boards are constructed in a 20-layer, low noise stripline design with the outside layers incorporating a chassis ground EMI shield. Stiffeners are placed every two slots to ensure board rigidity. A 21-slot version has been developed for VITA 41.1-200x VXS InfiniBand Protocol Layer Standard and VITA 41.2-200x VXS Serial RapidIO Protocol Layer Standard. Custom configurations from 2 to 21 slots are available. The VITA 41.x VXS backplane is compliant to the following VITA standards: VITA 41.0 VXS VMEbus switched serial standard; VITA 41.10-200x live insertion system requirements for Vita 41 boards trial use standard; ANSI/VITA 1.7-2003 increased current level for 96-pin and 160-pin DIN/IEC connector standard; ANSI/VITA 38-2003 system management draft standard; ANS/VITA 1.1-1997 VME64x standard as modified by VITA 41.0; and ANSI/VITA 1.5-2003 2eSST. Pricing starts at $3,599. HYBRICON CORP., Ayer, MA. (877) 492-7426


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