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Switch Frees Boards Of LED And Light Pipe

Panel building, instrumentation, and many other applications are tricky to implement. The problem is the risk of mechanical misalignment. To help engineers avoid such misalignment, the right-angle C&K ELUM illuminated pushbutton switch from ITT Industries, Cannon, builds a light-emitting diode (LED) into its actuator. It thereby eliminates the need for a separate LED and light pipe on the printed-circuit board. In addition, special LED colors and customized caps can be used to achieve specific visual renderings.

The pushbutton switches flaunt a low 6-mm profile. Their self-cleaning, single-pole double-throw (SPDT) contacts withstand current voltage ranging from both 20 mV to 50 VDC and 0.01 to 250 mA. The switches' operating force is 4.5N at full actuation (5.1 mm travel max.). Two versions of these switches are available. The latching version (push-push) suits switching functions like mode select and power on/off. In contrast, the momentary version is ideal for test, reset, and notification functions.

The C&K ELUM switches are designed to meet the requirements set by original equipment manufacturers of telecom, industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer electronics. The switches are compatible with RoHS lead-free directives and high-speed reflow soldering lines. The C&K ELUM pushbutton switches are available in through-hole and surface-mount configurations. Standard pricing for 10,000 pieces starts at $1.01 for a momentary through-hole version without LED and $1.49 for a latching surface-mount version with red LED.

ITT Industries, Cannon
15 Riverdale Ave., Newton, MA 02458; (617) 969-3700, FAX: (617) 969-6600, www.ittcannon.com.

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