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Synchronous Buck Controller Supports POL Configurations

The UCD9220 Fusion Digital Power controller from Texas Instruments can support various point-of-load (POL) configurations. This dual-output, multiphase synchronous buck controller also provides 250 ps of pulse-width modulation (PWM), a 2-MHz switching frequency, and high dc conversion ratios. Additionally, it meets complex power design requirements in telecom, server, data storage, and industrial test and measurement applications, according to TI. Designers can use the Digital Power Designer, a full-featured graphical user interface (GUI), to configure the device easily and speed time-to-market, the company says.

The controller’s flexible digital power control enables full loop compensation, including on-linear control for enhanced transient performance and system reliability. Its phase current balancing ensures uniform power dissipation. Also, its configurable switching frequency up to 2 MHz increases bandwidth and allows the use of smaller passive components to save board space. Optimized power-management features to enhance performance include PMBus-configurable voltage setting, sequencing, power-up and power-down timing, and fault response. And, its 250 ps of PWM allows for a high switching frequency and high conversion ratios while maintaining stable operation.

The UCD9220 is available in a QFN-48 package and costs $2.65 in quantities of 1000. Its evaluation module will be available late in the second quarter of 2009.

Texas Instruments


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