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Synchronous Clock Module For Telecomm Networks Filters Jitter

Engineering costs are said to be slashed and time to market greatly advanced with the introduction of the new Stratum-3 Synchronous Clock Module for telecomm network synchronization and wireless communication systems. The new Model SY-0001 Stratum-3 Clock Module is a semi-custom subsystem that offloads costly design engineering tasks and offers a turnkey solution to many complex challenges of communication systems design.
Based on digital signal processing techniques, the module features its own Stratum-3 OCXO, two independent inputs of any reference frequency from 8 kHz to 77.76 MHz, and a DSP phase-locked loop with a bandwidth of only 0.1 Hz that is said to eliminate jitter in any incoming signal. DSP coefficients are held on-board in flash memory and provide a high degree of user flexibility. The unit also features a self-correcting on-board temperature sensor. Pricing for the module is based upon custom requirements and applications. Samples in most frequencies are available in 4-6 weeks.


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