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System Controller Complements 64-bit MIPs Microprocessors

Designed to complement the company's VR series of 64-bit MIPS microprocessors, including the new VR5500 microprocessor, the VRC5477 system controller chip is designed to support a wide range of software and hardware features. The new integrated circuit is offered as a software-configurable chip that acts as a memory controller, DMA controller, PCI bus host bridge, and local bus host bridge for the various microprocessors it supports.Features of the system controller include a 32-bit, 100-MHz system bus compatible with VR5432 and VR5500 microprocessors, 32-bit, 100-MHz SDRAM controller, PCI 2.1-compliant 32-bit, 33 MHz bus, two 16550-compliant serial ports, two USB 1.1 host ports, one USB device port, AC-97 audio interface, and an I2C interface. In addition, a complete test bed is available for evaluating the features of the VRC5477 controller chip and each of the microprocessors that it supports. The test bed includes an evaluation board with the VRC5477 controller and a VR Seriesmicroprocessor.Also available is a software design and operating system support package for popular embedded operating systems that includes VxWorks, Windows CE, and Hard Hat Linux. Though subject to change, the VRC5477 system controller is priced at $29 each/10,000 and is available now.


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