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System Controller, Peripheral, Satellite: PMC Host Board Does All Three

The single-slot PP 110/01x dual PMC Host CompactPCI board supports two 66-MHz PMC sites and dual Gigabit PICMG 2.16 packet-switching backplanes. The flexible unit can function as a system controller board, a peripheral board, or a satellite board. It uses either the 1.2-GHz Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor-M or the 800-MHz Intel Pentium III processor 512k with up to 1.5-Gbyte, 133-MHz error-correction-code SDRAM. The single-board computer also supports PICMG 2.9 IPMI system monitoring and PICMG 2.1 hot-swap capabilities. The PP 110/01x includes two 64-bit, 66-MHz PMC sites. Other features include dual 10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT Ethernet interfaces, a graphics interface, a keyboard/mouse interface, a floppy-disk interface, three RS-232 serial channels, a USB port, and a watchdog timer. VxWorks, Linux, LynxOS, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP Embedded, and Solaris are all supported. Volume pricing starts at $3250.

Concurrent Technologies Inc.
www.gocct.com; (734) 971-6309

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