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System Inserts Small Screws Quickly & Accurately

Providing an extremely fast, accurate and efficient method of inserting small screws, Stickscrew self-contained system eliminates loose screws for improved productivity and quicker attachment of metal or plastic components, such as pc boards and electronic assemblies to medical equipment, appliances, computers and many other equipment. The system eliminates over- or under-torquing because torque is built into the screws instead of the driver. The system reduces defects and rework and reduces operator error while promoting easy handling, storage and inventory. The system also eliminates the expense of bowl, track or indexing feeders. The air-powered (90 psi) driver handles sticks of up to 110 serially connected hex-head screws in sizes from miniature #0-80 to #8-32 and M2 to M3. Users insert the stick into the driver, depress the lever, place the rotating screw in the hole, and the screw is driven home, twisting off cleanly from the stick when precise torque is reached.


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