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System-Interconnect Design Platform Improves Constraint-Driven Flow And Ease Of Use

SHORTENING DESIGN TIME by enabling collaboration throughout the flow, the latest revision of Cadence's Allegro pc-board design platform offers enhancements from design entry through pc-board design.

A number of productivity and ease-of-use features have improved Allegro. It strengthens the design chain by helping IC companies distribute Spectre transistor-level models. It also includes new technology for multistyle design creation, real-time design-for-assembly-driven placement, and an improved constraint-driven flow. The design-for-assembly-driven placement capability guides component placement, so designers can create manufacturable designs in less time.

Allegro Design Editor, also included in the suite, helps speed design creation through a spreadsheet-like interface, schematics, and a Verilog-language-sensitive editor customized for pc-board design.

Yet another productivity enhancement stems from improved design reuse with schematics. Constraints are stored with each schematic block. A real-time design-rule checker guides component placement for faster design. And, a component revision manager automatically verifies that schematic symbols are up to date. This feature prevents the use of outdated parts.

The latest release of Allegro is available now. Contact Cadence for pricing information.

Cadence Design Systems

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