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System Keeps Manufacturing Processes Under Tight Control

This new, advanced error measurement, inspection and feedback system collects data from manufacturing operations such as for pc boards and lets operators take immediate corrective action whenever any segment of production line performance drops below preset limits. The combination of the company’s high-speed AutoInspector automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems and Dynamic Process Control technology gives users the ability to monitor and optimize the performance pick-and-place systems, feeders and nozzles. And because the AOI line systems can detect defects anywhere on the line-including paste dispensing and pre- and post-reflow/wave soldering conditions-the system’s Expert Response unit can identify problems created by individual placement machines, feeders and nozzles, and send operator instructions and corrective actions to the guilty machine, based on process control limits set by engineering. In addition, the system can be used to verify line setup, helping users build products right the first time, without the need for expensive repairs and increased operational costs.


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