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System-Level Design Tool Gets New Libraries And Tool Links

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Version 4.5 of the company's SystemView design tool for DSP and communications applications includes new libraries and links itself with Texas Instruments' Code Composer Studio for C5x/C6x software development and test. The Real Time DSP Architect, which links the tool to Code Composer Studio, has been enhanced to support the TMS320C54x family of DSPs. Supported hardware now includes the TMS320C549 and 5410 EVM boards.
It is also claimed that version 4.5 provides simulation performance at twice the speed of it previous version, 4.0. The simulator now includes workgroup features that let users link their files. Changes made by one user are automatically sent over the LAN to other users for testing purposes. The software is available immediately for Windows 95/98/NT and configurations start at $3,995.

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