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System-In-Package IC Design Gets Lift From Tools And Methodology Kit

System-in-package devices (SiPs) are seeing more use in wireless, networking, and consumer applications such as cell phones, Bluetooth modules, wireless local-area networking (WLAN) modules, and network packet switching. SiPs, which used to be known as multichip modules, are a viable means of raising the integration bar for systems houses while enjoying a reduced time-to-market for the end product. A full-fledged system-on-a-chip version of the same device can always follow later.

However, SiP design doesn't come without pain, as numerous challenges intertwine to present a collective headache. Hence, Cadence has rolled out an RF SiP methodology kit that provides an automated and repeatable process for SiP design.

The kit not only includes SiP-related tools and IP, but also best practices, white papers, and other material that reduces the inherent risk in embarking on the RF SiP path. It enables unified and concurrent co-design of IC layouts and packaging and provides implementation methodologies based on an 802.11b/g WLAN design.

The RF SiP methodology has direct ties to the Cadence Encounter environment for IC design, the Virtuoso environment for RF-module design, and the Allegro environment for package/board co-design. Contact Cadence directly for pricing and delivery information.

Cadence Design Systems

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