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System Revs Up Fault DetectionTesting Of PC Boards

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Supporting both 3.3V and 5V operation, the XIOS 512 eXtended I/O Scan system offers 128, 256, 384 or 512 channels for performing fault detection tests on circuit boards using boundary-scan (IEEE 1149.1) techniquesÑthe system can be further upgraded by adding 128-channel DIMM DIOS modules. The test channels can be individually programmed for handling input, output, bi-directional, or tristate signals. The new boundary-scan eXtended I/O Scan (XIOS) system is designed to extend the overall testability of populated pc boards to now include those having manufacturing faults that sometimes escaped detection with existing systemsÑcard-edge connectors and non-boundary-scan logic clusters are examples of board elements cited as presenting such problems. The XIOS 512 system is compatible with the DataBlaster family of boundary-scan controllers. JTAG TECHNOLOGIE B.V., Sammamish, WA. (425) 898-8968.

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