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System Transmits Signals From Host PC To LCD Two Miles Away

Transmission of video and communication signals to LCDs and touch displays located up to two miles from the host computer is possible with the RayFire FP digital fiber optic transmission system. Comprised of a PCI video controller card and a receiver card, the bi-directional transmission system sends and receives data at real-time speeds through the use of a fiber-optic digital link. It accepts input from any RS-232 device, including a touch-screen, mouse, card reader, bar code reader, or other peripheral. The fiber optic transmission is intrinsically safe and does not emit, nor is affected by, EMI and RF frequency fields.Delicate mission-critical computers can be kept securely in stable, air-conditioned and debris-free rooms, while passive monitors or interactive touch displays can be exposed to the harmful elements common in demanding environments, including factory floors, public venues, refineries, military installations, offshore platforms, and other hostile environs.Digital video signals are serialized by a proprietary full duplex, 1.6-Gbps fiber optic transmission circuit and then sent through a fiber optic cable to a receiver board located at the LCD panel.


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