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Tactile Switches Light Up With LEDs

In addition to a crisp, tactile feedback and a minimum life span of five million operations, the JB series of tactile switches comes with built-in red, green or yellow LEDs to provide the switches with bright, full-face illumination evenly diffused through a variety of designer caps. The illuminated tactile switches are said to lend themselves easily to legend options, such as film inserts and lens engraving. The low-profile, 10 x 10-mm switches are available with 0.441" or 0.578" high actuators, are process-sealed for automated soldering and washing, and employ slanted terminals that are said to provide a spring-like action to ensure a secure mounting and prevent dislodging during automated processing. And the momentary, SPST switches can be arranged on pc boards in several different ways, including common bus matrix, X-Y matrix, and side-by-side mounting. They are also available in standard, 180-gram and high, 270-gram operating force models, with the former rated at 50 mA at 24 Vdc and the latter, 125 mA at 24 Vdc - mechanical and electrical life rating for the former is five million operations and one million for the latter. For pricing, contact Bob Wanless at NKK SWITCHES, Scottsdale, AZ. (480) 991-0942.


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