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Tantalum Chip Capacitors Come In Two Flavors

Two different series of tantalum chip capacitors include standard and ultra-low ESR and high ripple current types. The TCM standard series are molded capacitors designed for use in thick-film hybrid circuits, as well as for direct pc board mounting. They come in case sizes R (0805) through E and in capacitance values of 0.1 µF through 330 µF.The TCR series offer high resistance against inrush currents. The low ESR capacitors offer failure rates of 0.5% or less per 1000 hours, even in low impedance circuits. Capacitances are as high as 470 µF in an E-size case. Sizes range from A through V cases with values as low as 0.68 µF. All capacitors are offered in bulk or in full or partial reels.


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