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TCP/IP Stack For DSP Cuts Cost Of Internet Connectivity

New products with Internet connectivity often incorporate a DSP chip as well as an embedded controller whose primary function is to run the TCP/IP stack software for the Internet connection. Texas Instruments has eliminated that controller by providing TCP/IP software that runs on its TMS320C6000 DSP chip.

The software runs directly on the DSP, so the RAM and related software can also be eliminated. Typically, this reduces the bill-of-materials by over 50%. This cuts cost, board space, power consumption, and development time. Meanwhile, the TCP/IP stack has a small code size and supports IP clients and routers. It's also compatible with the API and DSP/BIOS standard Berkeley sockets.

To expedite the design of DSP-based Internet appliances, TI's network developer's kit features a C6000 DSP chip, a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter, 16 Mbytes of SDRAM, 128 kbytes of flash ROM, and the TCP/IP stack libraries. It also contains a 10/100-Mbit/s 802.3u-compliant Ethernet daughter card with a Macronix MAC and PHY. And, the kit includes TI's Code Composer Studio integrated development environment software.

The C6000 stack software may be licensed from TI for a royalty-free one-time fee of $20,000. The kit sells for $995. Both are available now.

Texas Instruments Inc., P.O. Box 954, Santa Clarita, CA 91380; (800) 477-8924, ext. 4500; www.ti.com.

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