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Technology Hermetically Seals Circuit Boards

A technology is now available for hermetic sealing of a variety of circuit board types. Suited for high-volume applications with certain space constraints or weight requirements, hermetically sealed circuit boards allow for increased conductor density, while providing a smaller, lighter and less expensive end product. Traditionally, discrete wires are sealed and then connected or directly wired to a circuit board, using valuable space and numerous individual wire seals. By sealing directly to the circuit as opposed to each wire, this technology can either drastically increase the number of conductors used in the same-size housing or reduce the size of the housing for the same conductor count. This method also takes advantage of the low-cost circuit board manufacturing process, in turn making the solution more cost-effective than an equivalent wire feedthrough. Also, by sealing directly to the circuit board, electrical connection points can be eliminated, which minimizes voltage drops and any associated labor needed to make and test the wire-to-circuit connection point. The company seals a variety of circuit combinations, including rigid, flex and hybrid, as well as flat flex cable (FFC). DOUGLAS ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS INC., Randolph, NJ. (973) 627-8230.


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