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TechView: Analog & Power -- Microcontroller Expands DC-DC Converter Functionality

Besides providing multiple levels of overtemperature protection, the Datel MAPC-104 dc-dc converter’s on-board microcontroller implements protection features such as input undervoltage lockout and input overvoltage protection. It’s also responsible for timing functions, power-on sequencing, 12-V monitoring to generate a 12-V power-good signal, an output crowbar for power-down sequence, retry functions for shorted outputs, and even a hierarchy for dual-fault conditions.

The microcontroller performs these control and monitoring features, yet it requires many fewer components than would be needed if these same functions were implemented with more traditional discrete designs. Naturally, the reduced component count played a role in limiting the size of the overall design.

The MAPC-104, which uses open-frame construction, measures 3.775 by 3.55 by 0.60 in. (See photo) Based on the company’s experience with this and other products, Datel expects microcontrollers to play a prominent role in its future dc-dc converter designs.

In addition to the above features, the MAPC-104 provides stable no-load operation, _1% max line and load regulation, and a 200-µs step response. Also, 25-mV p-p (or less) ripple and noise output is typical on all outputs. Pricing is $121 in quantities of 10,000.

Datel Ltd.

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