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TekMicro And QinetiQ Take A Note

One things computers generate a lot of is data. Most of the time it just whirls around from place to place to get work done, but often you want to record that information for analysis. This is where TekMicro and QinetiQ have teamed up to deliver a high-speed, high-capacity data recording system using the FPGA-based JazzStore SoC. It can be found in a number of TekMicro and QinetiQ products, including the JazzStore recording system (see the figure).

The JazzStore SoC packs an entire recording system onto a single chip. This can cut the number of boards required for a high-speed data recording system in half. This alone significantly reduces power and space requirements, in turn increasing the number of places the system can be employed and opening areas that could not support a recording system of this caliber.

As the JazzStore SoC is an FPGA, it allows options and upgrades to be easily incorporated. For example, a typical feature is the FibreChannel port for shipping data out to a hard disk. The SoC comes in a variety of configurations. The Neptune version handles dual-channel 2 Gsamples/s. Venus has five channels running at 105 Gsamples/s. The systems supports features such as intelligent triggering, time stamping, and data-channel synchronization.

The JazzStore SoC is an add-on to existing TekMicro systems. Pricing starts at $5000.

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