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Temperature Detector Mounts On Boards

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Designed for automatic mounting in large volume applications on pc boards, the surface-mount, thin-film 100 ohm SMD 1206 platinum resistance temperature detector offers long-term stability and interchangeability combined with low cost. This combination makes the device a practical choice for temperature compensation of pc boards.
Measuring just 3.0 to 3.35 mm in length x 1.45 to 1.75 mm in width, the device features a temperature range of -50°C to +130°C. It is also sai to offer excellent long-term stability with a maximum deviation of 0.04% after 1,000 hours at 130°C. The unit also features a low, self-heating coefficient of 1 K/mW at 0°C and can be used unhoused in dry environments. Insulation resistance of 10 Megaohms at 20°C is standard.

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