Electronic Design

Terminals Reduce PCB Processing Time

The company’s perform terminals promise to reduce assembly costs by eliminating time-consuming steps in PC board processing. In mixed through-hole and SMT apps, using a solder preform directly on the socket terminal enables use of the existing or traditional stencil design, without over-printing, to provide reliable solder joints. The solder preform provides a predictable percent of fill and eliminates extra processing steps. Also, a solder preform can often reduce total system processing costs by eliminating the need for wave soldering, solder fountains, or additional solder stencil steps. Solder performs are available in standard 63Sn/37Pb or lead-free 95.5Sn/4.0Ag/0.5Cu for RoHS Compliant applications. Over 15 standard screw-machined terminals are available with solder performs and customized designs are available upon request. ADVANCED INTERCONNECTIONS CORP., West Warwick, RI. (800) 424-9850.

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