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Terminator Cards Serve Pentium Systems

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Designed for use by OEMs in the workstation and server markets are a pair of terminator cards: Slot-1 Terminator Card (see photo) for Pentium-II systems; and Slot-2 Terminator Card for Pentium-II Xeon systems. A Slot-1 card is needed in the designated slot of a motherboard designed to accept dual Pentium-II processors but initially having only one processor. The card is used to terminate the signal lines using pull-up resistors. With Pentium-II Xeon systems, which can be designed for 1, 2, 4, 8 or more processors, Slot-II cards must be placed in each unpopulated slot to terminate the signals by using pull-up resistors mounted on the card.Pentium motherboards are available in two bus speeds, thus two types of Terminator Cards are offered: one to terminate 66-MHz bus speed signals and the other to terminate 100-MHz signals.

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