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TEST JACKS & PROBES-This technical brochure details miniature test jacks and probes for testing or shorting electronic circuits, including types with round or square bezels that screw-mount from the front and come with pc board or solder connections. Other types are for right-angle or vertical pc board mounting with elongated sleeves for easy panel alignment. Contacts and pc board terminals are available either gold- or nickel-plated, or tin-plated for increased solderability. Housing materials are UL-rated polycarbonates in various sizes, styles and colors. Current ratings range from 6.3A to 10A, with a contact resistance of less than 5 mW to less tahn 10 mW at 20 mV. Options include flux-proof terminals, "kicked" terminals for pc board fixing, and terminals that are tied or independent of each other.


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