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Test & Measurement: 14-Bit, Two-Channel Comm Analyzer Card Works At 105 Msamples/s

Two synchronous channels sample simultaneously at 105 Msamples/s on the 14-bit (12 equivalent number of bits) Compuscope 14105 Comm Analyzer card. Up to 512 Msamples/channel and 1 Gsample of total acquisition memory are available. The card, designed for communications testing, features a 60-kHz to 270-MHz bandwidth and transformer-coupled 50-(omega) input-impedance inputs. It can use the 32-bit, 66-MHz PC to transfer 200 Mbytes/s. Software-development kits are available for C/C++, Matlab, and LabView. Price starts at $5995 for the base memory model (8 Msamples/channel and 16 Msamples of total on-board memory).

Gage Applied Technologies Inc.
(514) 633-7007

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