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Test & Measurement: 48-Bit PCI Bus Digital I/O Card Sets Price/Performance Ratio

Priced at just $149, the high-performance PCI-DIO48H-RT 48-bit digital I/O card for the PCI bus sets a new price/performance ratio. Like other boards in the PCI-DIO family, this board is based on Schottky transistor-transistor-logic emulations of the 82C55 mode 0, and it will sink or source 15 mA at standard logic levels. The company also has reduced the price of its 96-bit PCI-DIO96H board from $299 to $249. The boards are fully compatible with the company's wide assortment of screw terminal and interconnect boards as well as a variety of electromechanical relays and solid-state I/O modules. All boards include the company's InstaCAL installation and test application package.

Measurement Computing Corp.
(508) 946-5100

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