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Test & Measurement: DAP Software Suits Real-Time Apps With High Channel Counts

Version 1.5 of DAPstudio, the Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) Measurement Studio software, is especially useful for engineers who develop data-acquisiton and control systems with a real-time component and with a high channel count. The most significant new tools in Version 1.5 address the issue of processing massive files of acquired data and accessing any part of them instantly. With just a few mouse clicks, developers can select and deselect channels, set all or some of them to desired values, apply gains selectively, and so on. When users are finished with each relevant tool, DAPstudio documents the work as commands for DAPL, the multitasking, real-time operating system for PC-based data acquisition and control that runs the processor on the DAP board. DAPstudio Version 1.5 costs $199 and can be downloaded at www.mstarlabs.com. An evaluation version and an upgrade from the previous version are free.

Microstar Laboratories Inc.
(425) 453-2345

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