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Test & Measurement: Ethernet DAQ Board Positioned For The Benchtop

Low-cost and high-speed data acquisition (DAQ) for benchtop applications defines the Ethernet-based Daqlab/2000. According to its manufacturer, the 16-bit, 200-kHz device is 1000 times faster than most scanning digital multimeters (DMMs), and it can be expanded to hundreds of channels. Signal I/O is on the front panel via removable screw-terminal connections. The system includes eight voltage inputs, four frequency inputs, four waveform-capable analog outputs, two timer outputs, and six digital I/Os. Its $1999 price includes "out of the box" DaqView software and drivers. The DaqLab/2005, which contains all DaqLab/2000 I/Os except the analog output, costs $1699.

IOtech Inc.
(440) 439-4091

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