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Test & Measurement: High-Speed DAQ Card Races Along At 1 Gsample/s

The SMT381 data-acquisition card samples at 1 Gsample/s. As an alternative, data could come via two external digital inputs and be converted at 840 Msamples/s. A 1-Gsample/s Fujitsu MB86064 drives the dual-channel digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The single-width SMT381 expansion module is a daughterboard that plugs into the SMT338-VP base module, which provides the digital inputs via low-voltage differential signaling for the SMT381's conversion. The SMT381 has two clock packages to achieve the full range of the DAC's input frequencies. Cost is $3515. Evaluation units and OEM pricing are available on request.

Sundance DSP Inc.
(775) 827-3103

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