Electronic Design

Test & Measurement: Program NAND Flash In-System Via Boundary-Scan Test Hardware

In many cases, designers have found it beneficial to download program code into NAND-based flash memories. Now they can perform NAND programming in-system, using the same set of boundary-scan tools they employ for pc-board testing and in-system programming of other devices. The programming is accomplished using the company's standard FDS software, coupled with the Block-based Flash Media (BFM) option. The programming is executed on standard company hardware, and it can be implemented in a standalone boundary-scan station or integrated within practically any other type of in-circuit, flying probe, or functional test system. The product supports nearly all NAND flash devices without the need for hardware adapters. The FDS package prices start at $3750, and the BMF option costs $1500.

JTAG Technologies

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