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Test & Measurement: USB Interface Speeds Up Cable/Harness Tester

The M3 CableEye cable/harness tester is now available with a USB interface as the Model M3U. The USB capability ensures fast, problem-free setup and performs loop tests at more than nine 128-point scans per second--that's more than three times faster than the serial-port model. The new unit also offers improved specifications, with resistance sensitivity from 0.3 ‡ to 10 M‡, expandability to 2072 test points, and a benchmark acquisition time of two seconds for a 512-point system. The tester's custom USB software driver is Microsoft-signed and tested. The Model M3U costs $2195 for 152 test points and includes the CB15 connector board set, software with scripting, a one-year warranty, and one year of free software upgrades and tech support. Existing M3 testers can be upgraded for $995. Availability is from stock.

Cami Research Inc.
(781) 860-9137

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