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Test Points Designed For Thru-Hole Mount

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A new series of right-angle test points designed for through-hole mount at the edge of a pc board is available. The individual test points accept probe diameters of 1, 1.5, and 2 mm. The 2-pin socket will accept a halogen lamp having 1-mm diameter leads on 4-mm centers.
All test points use precision-machined brass pins incorporating beryllium copper "multi-finger" contacts. Insulators use high-temperature thermoplastic that is suited for hand, wave or intrusive reflow soldering. Insulators can be molded in various colors for visual identification of power and ground. They also have a press-fit feature for retention in the circuit board prior to soldering. In addition, "solder-lok" bifuracated pegs provide secure hold down when soldered into plated through holes.

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