Electronic Design

Test Product Speeds Boundary-Scan Design-For-Test

The JTAG Visualizer test product enables engineers to visualize, understand, and assess testing and programming applications on circuit boards and systems. It lets users worldwide perform boundary-scan design-for-test and production repair tasks much more quickly and effectively.

The Visualizer assists board designers and production personnel in comprehending schematics, board layouts, and files through graphical presentation of boundary-scan data and results. Its powerful search engine finds, highlights, and identifies specific nets, components, and other items in the schematics and layouts. Browse, query, and search operations support intuitive navigation within multiple pages. The system is compatible with Cadence, Innoveda, Mentor Graphics, and Zuken CAD/EDA systems. The automatic search and highlight function permits quick visual distinction among fault types and net/circuit classes such as test-access port signals, boundary-scan nets, clusters, and other types of circuits.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

JTAG Technologies
(877) FOR-JTAG; www.jtag.com

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