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Test/Debugging System Arrives For µBGA Devices

With the Signal Access Tool Kit (SAT), designers can debug and develop products that use micro ball-grid-array (µBGA) chip-scale packages. The kit gives users convenient access to signals for doing debugging and functional validation work during the design and prototype stages of product development.The SAT resolves a fundamental concern regarding µBGA prototype testing: namely, how to gain access to individual signals on the pc board and the µBGA package itself. The kit is said to make migration to µBGA packages smoother. It allows test-point access to all µBGA package I/O signals by routing the test points around the package's perimeter, while maintaining most required keep-out zones of the pc board. The SAT is footprint-compatible with the µBGA package and fits directly on a board's land-pad sites, eliminating board redesign. Each SAT package contains three SAT units; pricing is $595 per unit.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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