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Test/Production Sockets Anchor Grid-Array Devices

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Easy replacement of BGA, LGA and chip-scale packages without desoldering and/or damage to costly multilayer pc boards is made possible by a line of sockets for test, prototyping and production. The sockets are available as surface-mount, through-hole and solderless compression types.The chip-retention cover can be supplied in knob-lock style for test applications, screw-lock style for prototyping and pre-production uses, and in ZIF-lever style for pre-production and production applications. Sockets are offered in pitches of 0.75 mm, 0.80 mm, 1 mm, 1.27 mm, 1.50 mm and 2 mm.The units' miniature inner-spring contact design is said to ensure contact reliability and allow easy chip placement and removal. The spring contacts, combined with the simple retention cover, allow any high pin-count devices to be socketed with forces of less than 40 grams/contact.

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