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Thales Computers Brings Two Dual Cores To VME

Thales Computers had a lot to show off at the Bus and Board Show this year. It started off with its V2PMC2 (Fig. 1). This VME mezzanine carrier card can handle a pair of PCI-X PMC cards. These utilize a high-speed hard metric (HSHM) designed receptacle connector from 3M Electronics in a B19 configuration that allows multi-gigabit per second interconnection via an existing VME infrastructure.

This connector and design approach is also used in the $3950 PENTXM2 (Fig. 2) single-board computer that runs a 1.67-GHz dual core Xeon from Intel. The new PENTXM4 (Fig. 3) doubles the number of processors with 2 Gybtes of DDR2-400 SDRAM. It includes a dual SATA interface, an IDE interface, 3 USB 2.0 ports, 4 Gbytes of flash and an x8 PCI-Express XMC slot.

The PENTXM2 and PENTXM4 can be used with Thales' XMC-G2X dual head graphics XMC mezzanine card. The XMC-2GX uses the X.300 graphics controller from ATI Technologies' Radeon family. The X.300 controller supports 2D and 3D acceleration using DirectX and OpenGL software interfaces. The card can handle two independent displays through front connectors. Versions are available for digital DVI and CRT or dual CRT connections.

For more information, visit Thales Computers.

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