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Thermal Print Mechanisms Deliver Output In Two Colors

The 2" and 3" FTP-602MCL101/102 print mechanisms use a direct-thermal print method to produce either blue and black or red-and-black output on two-color, thermosensitive paper. This non-impact print method claims to eliminate the need for any ink ribbons or toner. A 24V power source supplies a low current to the thermal print head to develop the red or blue colors. Black is produced when a higher current is applied. A proprietary head-drive control regulates the applied energy to prevent bleeding when two colors are printed close together. Other features include an 8 dots/mm print resolution, a maximum print speed of 460 dotlines per second for two-color output and 800 dot lines per second for monochrome output. A 2" printer is priced at $51.25 and a 3" unit is $67.50 each/1,000. An optional automatic cutter and a Centronics or a serial interface board are also available. For more details, call FUJITSU TAKAMISAWA AMERICA, INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 380-0059.


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