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Thermal Program Enables Fixed-Price Heatsinks For Any PCB

Thermal Program Enables Fixed-Price Heatsinks For Any PCB

Thought to be a market first, the company combines hardware and engineering services to provide designers with a fixed price for a complete set of heatsinks necessary to cool any PCB. The QoolPCB program offers users a single fixed price for all design services including thermal analysis, heat sink hardware, attachment devices, and testing plus verification agendas. The program includes standard off-the-shelf heat sinks and hardware as well as any custom heat sinks including tooling charges, sample production, and custom attachment hardware. To participate, users need to provide a 3D CAD model of PCB layouts plus specs and power limits for all board components. For more details, call ADVANCED THERMAL SOLUTIONS INC., Norwood, MA. (781) 769-2800.
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