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Thermal Ware Kicks It Up A Notch

The company's Version 5 thermal software establishes itself as the first to include the essential functions for the physical design of electronics in a single analysis environment. An integrated suite, it consists of Flo/PCB for conceptual thermal design of printed circuit boards, FloTHERM for system-level thermal design and optimization, Flo/EMC for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) simulation, and Flo/STRESS for predicting thermo-mechanical stresses. This combination of applications promises to significantly reduce lead times, as well as eliminate communication barriers between those involved in the design process. Other features include a 3-D computational fluid dynamics solver that predicts airflow and temperature for both sides of the board. FLOMERICS INC., Southborough, MA. (508) 357-2012.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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