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Thermocouple Input Board Is In Control

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Based on a highly accurate and noise immune voltage-to-frequency (V/F) supported A/D converter, the PCI-DAS-TC is a 16-channel thermocouple input board for PCI bus computers. An on-board microprocessor performs all system controls and converts raw analog input data into temperature. The board's analog input section consists of a 16-channel input multiplexer, a CJC input, a programmable-gain amplifier, and a high-frequency V/F based A/D converter.
The product is shipped as a fully integrated test package that includes the PCI-DAS-TC board, a screw terminal board developed specifically for thermocouple measurements, DAS Wizard and InstaCal software packages and a 5' shielded cable. The screw terminal board is mounted in an enclosure. The board supports a wide variety of software application packages. Pricing is $849.

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