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Thin Flex Coax Cables Eye Medical And Computer Applications

Available in the 36 to 40 AWG size range, the Micro-Coaxial (MCM) cables are said to be extremely flexible, qualifying them for use in ultrasound medical assemblies, laptop computers, high-end workstations, automated test equipment, and security applications. The cables have a low-skew (line to line), low EMI and low crosstalk design and can be routed individually as a bunched composite or as flat ribbon cable (MCM RibbonX). Most types have PFA insulation and a PET jacket that allows significantly easier stripping than an extruded jacket. The normal stripping process is simpler with RibbonX cable, with a two-step laser process said to easily prepare the cable for soldering to a printed-circuit board. For further information and pricing, contact HITACHI CABLE MANCHESTER INC., Manchester, NH. (800) 772-0116.


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