Electronic Design

Three Phono Jacks, S-Video Connector Merge Into One Package

The KLPMD combination connector consists of three RCA phono jacks and one S-video connector. The phono jacks are available in the color combination of red, white, and yellow, and the S-video connector comes in black. The combo connector is designed for audio and video multimedia applications, such as game consoles, VCRs, and set-top boxes used for satellite, cable, and terrestrial TV services. The pc-board-mountable combo is available in vertical and horizontal configurations. The main housing and colored washers are constructed of ABS thermoplastic, and the contacts are made from brass and steel. In 5000-unit quantities, the KLPMD connector costs $1.20 each.

Kycon Inc.
www.kycon.com; (888) KYCON-22

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