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Tillamook-Based SBC Puts A PC On A 4" x 6" Card

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Based on Intel's Tillamook (Pentium) CPUs, the Little Monster IX single-board computer (SBC) integrates all of the key functions of a desktop PC on a 4" x 6" board. It carries Intel's Mobile 430TX PCI chipset and uses a switching voltage regulator to power a range of Tillamook processors with MMX technology at speeds up to 266 MHz.Other on-board functions include: a flat-panel VGA controller; a PCI Ultra-IDE controller for up to four enhanced IDE drives; a floppy controller supporting 2.8-Mbyte, LS-120 drives; two serial and one parallel port; and an IrDA connector for wireless infrared links. There's also 512 kbytes of ultra-fast pipeline burst Level 2 cache and 32 Mbytes of SDRAM that's expandable to 128 Mbytes.

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