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Time/Frequency Controller IC Serves Femtocell Tasks

A key challenge to the mass deployment of femtocells in the telecom market is the distribution of precise time and frequency data at an acceptable price-performance point. The IM3240 time and frequency controller IC is based on IEEE 1588 technology and, with its internal oscillator, delivers time information synchronized with nanosecond accuracy to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The IM3240 offers a peak-to-peak error of 11 ns in the time stamping of Precision Time Protocol (PTP) messages, compared to the GPS input reference. The circuit’s precision is made possible by its compliance with the IEEE 1588 version 2 PTP standard. The Imsys IM3240 IC can distribute stratum 1 accuracy over the packet-switching Ethernet, with a reference signal from a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. An IM3240-based Edge Grand Master (EGM) can act as a local-area network service provider of time and frequency to clustered small cell base stations in future mobile networks. To ease product development, the IM3240-P40 is an OEM board that can be linked to a low-cost GPS receiver with a pulse-per-second (PPS) output signal to prototype a PTP Grand Master. All necessary hardware and software is included. The integrated circuit with IEEE 1588 version 2, the Integrated Development Environment and the OEM board is available now. IMSYS TECHNOLOGIES AB, Upplands Väsby, Sweden. +46 8 594 110 70.


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