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Timing Generator's Flexibility Is Boon To Prototypers

Claimed as the world's first timing generator with a built-in 128-bit serial EEPROM, the FS6370 is a programmable device that enables just-in-time factory programming, as well as customer reprogrammability in the event of a change in timing requirements in the course of the system design process. As a result, the timing generator can be used in initial design, followed by a conversion to a less costly, ROM-based part for use in high-volume production.The FS6370 timing generator is a monolithic CMOS IC that features three independently programmable PLLs and four independently programmable multiplexers/ post-divider outputs. A Select input allows one PLL frequency and two multiplier/post-divider combinations to be easily modified by logic-level input. The chip also offers flexible shutdown capabilities. Outputs also can be tri-stated for board testing purposes. The device operates from a 3.3V to 5V supply and accepts crystal resonator inputs from 5 MHz to 27 MHz.

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