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Tiny Cameras Go On-Board To View Outside World

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Applications as varied as medical instruments, PCs, and security and communications systems are targeted for use by a new family of high-performance, board-level color cameras. The family presently embraces four models: two charge-coupled device (CCD) units, a CMOS version, and a CCD-based finished model.
Measuring just 22 mm x 26 mm x 3.5 mm and weighing a mere 8 grams, the GP-CX161/171 CCD cameras come with a DSP and several lens styles and can be linked to the outside world via a connector cable, I2C interface card, and free software for modifying DSP parameters, such as white balance and contrast control. The -161 cameras offer VGA resolution in NTSC or PAL analog outputs, while -171 units offer NTSC or PAL high-resolution performance.
The tiny (<0.5 in.2), CMOS sensor-based, 3.3V GP-CX701 cameras offer a digital YUV output (CIF resolution), while the KR651US finished model has a CCD camera and USB interface and comes in a case that can be clipped to a PC.

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