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Tiny CAN Bus Computer Is Fully Programmable

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Measuring no larger than a matchbox, this controller area network (CAN) bus computer is designed to provide local intelligence for controller functions, log-in and calibration capabilities, and other functions for distributed network systems. The tiny T-CAN module can also control entire CANs. And use of flash memory technology is said make on-site reprogramming and loading of new curves and other data into the module much easier. T-CAN supports data transfer rates up to 1 Mb/s, standard and extended frames, and automatic bit-rate identification. The CAN bus is accessed via device drivers, and data buffers with capacities up to 32 KB are said to make it possible to use the bus for applications that need to transfer larger amounts of data. The module is available in a development kit that includes target boards and all of the materials needed for setting up and testing a network. The integrated development interface comes with a selection of ready-to-run sample applications.

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