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Tiny Connector Series Operates In The Fast Lane

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The FCN-086 high-density, matched-impedance, backplane interconnection system targets board-to-board applications in high-speed telecomm, computer and instrumentation equipment. Devices in the series feature a 2 mm-pitch, hard metric, CompactPCI and VME64+ compatible structure, and all lines are impedance matched to 52 ohms single-ended, with signal contacts capable of carrying up to 1.5A at 750V.
The two-piece system consists of a right-angle socket and a straight plug with 125, 110, 95 or 55 pins across five rows. The outer rows of the plug can be loaded for shielding purposes. Compliant press-fit leads allow for a solderless connection and low-insertion force, three-step sequential mating.
The FCN-086 connector series has a minimum contact resistance of 20 milliohms at 20 mV d/10 mA and an insulation resistance of 10 Gigaohms minimum at100 Vdc. And it has an operating temperature range of -55°C to 125°C and is constructed of 94 V-0 rated plastic to withstand reflow soldering. The series meets IEC917 and IEC1076-4-101 requirements and complies with Bellcore 1217 Central Office Environment and Uncontrolled Environment specifications. A 125-pin plug-and-jack combination is priced at $7.35 each/10,000 with delivery from stock.

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