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Tiny Diffuse Laser Sensor Has Set-And-Forget Feature

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At 10 x 33.5 x 16.3 mm, the OHDK 10 diffuse laser sensor is said to occupy only 1/8th the space of existing units, making it the world's smallest such device. This opens up to the sensor application, among other areas, packaging operations, textile, printing and semiconductor industries, and pc board and other robotic assembly facilities.
With features such as set-and-forget and background suppression by triangulation, the sensor is designed to precisely recognize even extremely small parts regardless of their color, texture or reflectivity while simultaneously ignoring background objects. It can produce a light spot of less than 0.2 mm at a distance of 40 mm, with the sensor constantly monitoring its light output and adjusting itself as environmental conditions change. Other OHDK 10 features include a sensing range of 20 to 100 mm, a response time of

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